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UHJ Seal

Open Epistle to the United Kingdom,
England and the British Isles

To His Honor the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom!

“My flesh is of no avail. The words I have spoken they
are spirit and they are life”

               -Jesus Christ, Gospel of John 6:63

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

False gods will not avail you! Paul has warned you:

“For if someone comes and preaches another Jesus [the fleshy god] than the one we preached [a male sperm descendant of King David made of the sperma of David through his father Joseph (see Rom. 1:3, 4 KJV Greek seed = sperma)] or if you receive a different spirit [anti-christ: anti Jesus being the sperm child of Joseph], from the one you received, or if you accept a different gospel [salvation from the false, fleshy god] from the one you accepted [salvation in the Christ promised Kingdom: the word Christ  means the anointed descendant of King David] you submit to it readily enough.”
(2 Cor. 11:4 RSV)

It is the WORD – LOGOS – that returns, not the same flesh.

It is the SAME WORD – LOGOS – in another Flesh descended from King David.

“The Ancient Beauty (Baha’u’llah) ruleth upon the throne of King David. Thus hath My pen written that which the histories of bygone ages have related.” (Proclamation of Baha’u’llah, p. 89)

He has brought the God promised Plan for world peace on earth, i.e., the Kingdom you pray for day and night. Are these but mere words uttered by your lips? Or is the spirit of the TRUE CHRIST animate within your heart and soul? God is the true Judge of all men! “Cast the stranger out of your heart”, He has written, “so the friend my live forever therein!”

Please see enclosed book and letter to France for more.

We trust God will guide you further in His Ways!

On behalf of the Universal House of Justice of Baha’u’llah,

signed //Neal Chase//

Neal Chase,
Guardian of the Cause of God.

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