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Four Living Creatures

The four living creatures are spoken of in the Bible, in the book of Ezekiel and in the book of Revelation as 1) a lion, 2) a calf or ox, 3) the face of a man, and 4) a flying eagle: which are the symbols of the four super power nations of England (the lion), Russia (the ox), France (the face of a man), and the United States of America (a flying eagle). These four countries were formerly "beast nations" (only materialistic) but are transformed into "living creatures" (now spiritualized) by the permanent establishment of our four main international teaching centers, branches of our school in those four respective countries.

Through education these four beast countries will knowingly enter into a thermonuclear war of their own making and like the phoenix that arises out of the ashes be transformed and born again anew into the Supreme Tribunal prophesied of in the scriptures and mentioned in the Baha'i Holy Writ that shall bring peace to the world.


England | Russia | France | United States

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