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Open Epistle to the Republic of France

To His Honor the President of the Republic of France:

“Behold! I bring you glad and joyful tidings! Paris will become a garden of roses! All kinds of beautiful flowers will spring up and flourish in this garden, and the fame of their fragrance and beauty will be spread in all lands. Then I think of Paris in the future, I seem to see her bathed in the light of the Holy Spirit! Verily, the day is dawning when Paris will receive her illumination, and the Goodness and Mercy of God will be visible to every living creature.” - ‘Abdu'l-Baha, 1912 AD, Paris Talks, p. 169

Dear Mr. President:

The Baha'is of France loyal to the Covenant of God have asked me to extend our greeting to you at this time of great change and transition in the world of international affairs.

Today, out from among all the other nations with permanent seats on the security council of the United Nations, France alone has stood up for the Cause of Peace upheld by Justice and by rule of law instead of by force. Your great country that withstood the Nazis in World War II, and fought them both from within and from without, has today been the main one and the leader to take any stand in opposition to the methods and course of action that the US and her allies is currently on.

The United States and its President has no mandate to be the international executive, and without universal collective security, all they have done will fail and bring about worse conditions. From that chaos will emerge a true International Council of nations led by France, Russia, England, and the US will join as well, that will bring true international universal collective security to all people of every nation in this war torn world. As in France, as well as England and Russia, many in the United States are not in support of the current course of action nor their methods and seek another way.

This current war and its manifest atrocities and barbarisms has created the desire and a spiritual receptivity amongst all peoples for a great peace, and established the longings in their hearts and minds for a clear solution for the universal enforcement and upholding of human rights for all the peoples, religions, kindreds and nations of the world.

The United Nations, as an international organization, is inherently flawed! The permanent members on the Security Council are the ones who possess the bomb. This has created the urge and desire amongst the other nations to create the bomb too for themselves, such as Pakistan, Israel, Korea, and Iran, as well as many other nations also. These people, terrorized by the threat of nuclear arms possessed by the United States primarily as a big bully nation, feel that their only way to have security is to acquire the bomb as well. The fact that the five permanent members have the bomb suggest to the other nations that if they were to get the bomb then maybe they could have permanent member status. This is that inherent flaw.

The true international organization must first set up a universal collective security by having the permanent members of .the new “Security Council” or “Supreme Tribunal” to turn the bomb over the Council or Tribunal itself thus forming a real collective security where no one nation possesses the bomb. This they can do, as these four countries of the Christian West have no border disputes one with the other. Next they must have a representative membership to that council based on the population of the members of their respective countries, such as we have here in the United States with one representative per one million population. In this way no one country would need to have the veto power, as it would be rendered obsolete through universal suffrage and world-wide democracy.

After the Supreme Tribunal of the Security Council is established amongst these four countries with Universal Collective Security and the veto power eliminated, then other countries shall be allowed to join as permanent members of the Tribunal of this Council as well, under certain specific conditions.

These countries must come into an international alliance or Covenant - an alliance and covenant which upholds unity in diversity and sets up a federal system of members, so that individual differences may be upheld and maintained. In this Covenant of the Nations for this Tribunal, the nations must come into harmony and alignment on basic human rights issues: minimum standards of living, stable economies, equality between men and women, religious freedom and tolerance, the abolition of slavery, etc. When these nations make the necessary adjustments, and fulfill the stated prerequisite criteria the current permanent members of that Tribunal should not hesitate to admit these others countries as permanent members as well immediately and without hesitation. Thus joining the international commonwealth of nations, and adhering to every single provision of the International Covenant for Universal Collective Security, these nations would have to agree that no one nation is allowed to possess nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction of any kind. This is the domain and purview of the International Council of the Tribunal only.

In this way, O Honorable Mr. President, will true Collective Security be established and no one nation shall possess the bomb. Until that time, why shouldn't North Korea, Pakistan, Iran or Israel develop the bomb as the US, Russia and other nations, like bullies on the block, so to speak, have these same weapons? Especially when counties like the US refuse to sign international treaties such as the one for international human rights? We must eliminate the double standard. We must ALL come under one universal law, where all – including the US – are equal under the law, and where that law and Covenant IS something the wicked obey and that the righteous DO enforce!

There is so much much more to say about all this, but most of which has already been contained in the writings of Baha'u'llah and ‘Abdu'l-Baha, my great grandfather and his father, respectively; as well as that of my predecessor to the office of the guardianship, Shoghi Effendi Rabbani.

I am sure these are the same or similar heartfelt sentiments and ideas that you yourself and many with whom you speak and circulate share amongst yourselves. Far from interfering with international affairs, we only make these points and positions for the Cause of human rights, that all mankind, including yourself, the honorable President, as well as the spiritually minded people of France, should win and attain their true spiritual stations and be re-created into the spiritual image of the kind and Merciful Lord; that all peoples and rulers of the world whose hearts belong to God alone, ruling and governing their respective countries, peoples and nations should do so only with justice, equity, mercy and fairness for all people without prejudice and unalloyed.

The true Universal House of Justice of Baha'u'llah, with the living descendant of King David as its president, supports the nation of France, that upholds the rights of her citizens to pursue and teach the Cause of God within the borders of that great land.

Through this ruinous war the spiritual transformation of all mankind is to take place without doubt; and with absolute certitude, peace through justice will be established throughout all the world for all. At this time will the mercy, the bounty and supreme felicity of God appear amongst all the peoples of the world as it has been foretold:

“In that day, saith the Lord of hosts, shall ye call every man his neighbor under the vine sand under the fig tree.” (Zech. 3: 10 KJV)

your servant,

signed //Neal Chase//

Neal Chase ben Joseph Aghsan,
President of the Universal House of Justice of Baha'u'llah,
Great-grandson of ‘Abdu'l-Baha

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