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Press Release



November 26, 1997


by Neal Chase

“According to their way I will do them,
and according to their own judgments I
will judge them; and they shall know
that I am the Lord.”
(Ez. 7:27 RSV)

Just as we have predicted all along the day of reckoning has come! Over three weeks before November 4th, 1997, [1] we predicted this FINAL SHOWDOWN on LIVE television on BAHA’I PHONE-IN LIVE!

Despite world-wide opposition to its “might makes right policy,” the United States of America has brokered a COVENANT WITH DEATH by stubbornly resorting to assassinate Saddam Hussein in Pentagon Operation Codenamed: The JACKHAMMER [this was fulfilled on March 20th and April 7th 2003 bunker bombings against Saddam flushing Saddam out from his bunkers causing his capture on Dec. 13, 2003, leading to his death]! This contrived death-wish suicide pact with hell, will unleash the four winds of destruction from the great river Euphrates which flows through Iraq (Rev. 9:14). The US will nuke Iraq to kill Saddam. [2] His people [loyalists still left working with their allies] will retaliate by nuking the UN building, destroying all New York City. The US will return fire wiping all Iraq off the face of the earth with some of its nuclear arsenal. Then, every city in the United States of population 100,000 or more will be destroyed by the incoming Russian nuclear missiles which still target the US, as one third of mankind is to be killed IN ONE HOUR of GLOBAL THERMONUCLEAR WAR! WHY? And WHAT won’t the American NEWS MEDIA tell the public?

The “BIG SECRET” is that any peaceful resolution to the current crisis in the GULF, is a LOSS to the United States. Why? Because any peaceful solution means that RUSSIA and CHINA get to KEEP ALL the Iraqi OIL that Saddam already sold the EAST in a 23 year oil contract until the year 2020! The US knows that whosoever controls the oil controls the world. China (with Russia) already has its plans to win the nuclear war against the US which its military sees as a declining power. Russia has already threatened to NUKE the US if it interferes with any of its interests which now include the Iraqi oil. (See our July 9, 1997, Release: “WORLD CIVIL WAR!” for details).

Yet despite all this, Big Bully United States is willing to GO IT ALONE, bucking for WW III. The US doesn’t care. It doesn’t care about human rights. It doesn’t care about prophecy. It doesn’t care about God. And it doesn’t care about its own citizens that its willing to “sacrifice them all” in a thermonuclear firestorm of their own making — just like they burned down those innocent children in the WACO massacre, robbed the Black man of 400 years of wages, and stole the land from the Native Americans (both of North and South America) breaking every single treaty they ever made and NOT KEEPING but one of them! God sees this and they shall be JUDGED BY WHAT THEY HAVE DONE (Rev. 20:12; 22:12). Like Jesus said, “the bread you cast upon the water comes back to you” and “What you sow, so shall you reap.”

The US and the US NEWS MEDIA KNOW that if there is peace then Russia gets the oil and the US loses the economic war. The US figures therefore that they can win a military war in a LAST DITCH OIL GRAB. But they are wrong. Their Covenant with death has failed and their deal with hell shall not stand, for the US WILL LOSE WORLD WAR THREE, and will be subject to military occupation by the Russian and Chinese armies following 1 hour of thermonuclear war in which America will be hit hardest. Russia and China have cities beneath their cities (Moscow and Beijing) for their people to survive nuclear attack, but the US is VULNERABLE and has nothing for its own people. They are ‘on their own.’

The United States is the enemy of WORLD SPIRITUAL DEMOCRACY (i.e. the Kingdom of God to be established upon the earth as it is in heaven)! For they see that when God establishes this, they are clearly in the minority and will be out voted. Christians are only 1/3 the world’s population and whites are even much less. Therefore, these enemies of God’s Kingdom, as they are clearly the world-wide minority, are stubbornly refusing to loose their dominant stranglehold over all other peoples that they now have due to force, brutality, human rights violations and the propagation of their religion of hate. They do what they do, supposedly, all in the name of God. Making the very words “God” and “religion” fall into disfavor amongst men. Say: Those that claim to be holy and righteous are the greatest perverters and offenders in the sight of God! After the catastrophe white people will be “scarce as hens teeth” as the nuclear war will be fought mostly amongst them. Those who are left will be spiritual, non-prejudicial and egalitarian — healthy participants and citizens in the world-wide international cooperative global community. All this to take place after the thermonuclear destruction of the UN building and all New York City along with it, triggered by the assassination of Saddam Hussein by the US aggressors.

This war is to be fought over oil and religion! Today, November 26, 1997, marks the half a decade anniversary (from November 26, 1992) of our series of press releases (a 100% track record, from the [first] Trade Tower bombing up to now) pertaining to the SIEGE of the CITY of NEW YORK culminating in the FINAL SHOWDOWN of the nuclear destruction of the UN building and all New York city along with it. We have now come full circle!

This last ditch military attempt to control mid-east oil and thereby control the world, is the last straw, one-sided, illegal action by the big bully US, in opposition to the entire world-wide community. As unwitting incompetent bunglers, US “leadership” fumbles the ball again. This unilateral opposition, by the United States, at this time, to the Covenant of the Baha’i Peace Plan of the second International Baha’i Council/Universal House of Justice of Baha’u’llah with the descendant of King David as its president, is the reason for WW III. There will be no peace without ALL people freed! There will be no peace without God, the Creator! “The people will cry peace, peace and there will be no peace!” (Jeremiah 6:14; 8:11). Peace on earth WITHOUT Justice is tyranny! The final stroke of midnight ending this dark day of humanity is the sounded bell awaking all people to the knowledge and love of the ONE TRUE INVISIBLE GOD! REMEMBER for thus spoke THE LORD: “MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE” (Hosea 4:6). And what of the Russian brokered peace plan which was finalized by Kofi Anan in the name of the UN?

When people say, “There is peace and security,”
THEN sudden DESTRUCTION will come upon them
 as travail comes upon a woman with child,
and there shall be no escape! (1 Thess. 5:3)

Your time is up. No escape.

[1] Weapons Inspectors thrown out of Iraq.

[2] Through the continued use of Depleted Uranium which is a nuclear weapon; and mini or micro nuke charges used on the bunker buster bomb. Also see the "Nostradamus Prophecy" Chapter VI for more on the MOAB + DU = nukes!.

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