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Press Release



February 15, 1995


by Neal Chase

According to Nostradamus, Saddam Hussein must die[1] first before New York City is destroyed.

Mabus [sudam (Saddam) in the mirror] shall come,
and soon after shall DIE,
of people and beasts shall be a horrible destruction
THEN on a sudden THE VENGEANCE shall be seen![2]

Saddam has stated that when his country loses its pride then there is nothing left to live for and death will be his choice.

You can come to Iraq with aircraft and missiles, but do not push us to the point at which we cease to care. When we feel that you want to injure our pride and destroy the Iraqis' chance of a high standard of living, we will cease to care, and DEATH WILL BE OUR CHOICE. Then we would not care if you fired a hundred missiles for each missile we fired because without pride, life would have no value.[3]

The United States refuses to lift the sanctions off of Iraq [except now after the hostile takeover to steal their oil and sell it for US interests] although Iraq has complied with all the UN resolutions including recognizing the new borders of Kuwait. [4] The other veto-power countries such as England, France, China and Russia are all in favor of lifting the sanctions, but the United States, because of its oil interests, says it will never lift them.

The national debt of the United States to the world bankers is the behind-the-scenes leverage that dictates policy for control of the oil in order to gain global control of the world. Russia, in the hands of Yeltzin who is a puppet for Clinton and the world bankers, has never before borrowed from the monetary fund (because Communism kept them out of it) and has no debt to these bankers. Now, however, they have a deal to lend Yeltzin any amount of money against the vast untapped oil reserves in Russian control. For this reason American troops are fighting along side Russians against the Muslims in Chechnya (like they fought the Muslims in Iraq) so that all the oil and modern mining equipment there can remain in Russian control (see “The Spotlight” 2/6/95). [5]

Iraq is the only democracy in that area of the world. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, Iran, etc... are all run by Kingships, Emirates, Sheikdoms or other despotisms. But Iraq has a constitution and a congress of the people. Yet the United States opposes the democracy, Iraq, for its oil interests dictated by the money people behind the scenes.

This country (of America) has a habit of assassinating all those that get in its way. Lincoln was killed for freeing the slaves. Kennedy was killed for trying to get rid of the Federal Reserve/National Debt to these world bankers. Who killed him? Was it the CIA? or was it the FBI?

His brother Bobby was assassinated; so was Martin Luther King Jr.. Killing is not beyond these people. The news has reported that Clinton has a body count of over 20 people in the wake of his trail to the White House. [6]

Saddam Hussein is not only the president of his country Iraq, he is also the head of the Baath religious party, which is an international religious party to “resurrect” the Ottoman Empire of the Muslims that fell after World War I.

On November 26, 1994 Saddam Hussein fired Tariq Aziz from dealing with the United Nations and took over direct personal control in all dealings with the Security Council. Tarik Aziz is a Christian. [7] This opens the door for Saddam to go before the UN Security Council himself in person and plead his countries case before the assembly [thus having an International Trial]. Saddam knows that when he does this he is sure to be assassinated.

With the sanctions remaining unlifted [the sanctions never were lifted until after Saddam was removed], Saddam says that he will choose death anyhow. Being a religious man he might as well die a martyr's death, on a peace mission to the UN, and be assassinated in New York City itself, the city that is to be destroyed [now his trial will be that of defendant instead of plaintiff, he should have taken our advice in 1995!].

As a Muslim, being killed in battle, he is guaranteed a place in heaven. Several assassination plots against Saddam have already been thwarted. How would his assassination be interpreted in the eyes of the world?

All over the world, in the headlines of every newspaper, from Europe to China, into the rondovels (grass huts) of central Africa, the people will read about how the wicked United States that has a history of assassinations, killed Saddam Hussein. Think about what affect this will have!

Headlines all over the world and every television station everywhere would announce Saddam's assassination and the blame would be on the United States and the UN. Then the congress of Iraq of which Saddam is the president [those loyalists who are left and those groups who sympathize][8] would have cause to retaliate by nuking the UN building (seat of the Beast) and all New York City along with it, as the assassination of Saddam would be the big excuse they've been waiting for to justify their act in the eyes of the world. The Russians would then side with the Muslims against the United States and the rest of the Christian West, and the world would escalate into the battle of Armageddon (WW III) in which one third of mankind is to be killed in one hour of thermonuclear war (Rev. 9:15, KJV). After the purifying four winds of destruction the Kingdom of God will be established on earth as it is in heaven and the name of Baha'u'llah will be on the lips and minds of all the people of the world!

If New York City was to be destroyed by a thermonuclear weapon now [before the takeover of Iraq and the Capture of Saddam] this would be a black mark against the Muslims everywhere labeling them as terrorists. But if it is done after Saddam is assassinated it would be seen as justifiable in the eyes of the majority populations of the world which have suffered repeated injustices inflicted against them by the United States.

Like the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand which ignited World War I, the assassination of Saddam Hussein, head of state and head of the religious party, would ignite World War III, uniting all Muslim peoples together, with New York City being the first city destroyed.

And the fifth angel poured out his vial [thermonuclear] upon the seat of the Beast [UN building]; [9] and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain, and blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores [radiation burns], and repented not of their deeds. —Revelation 16:10-11, KJV.

These ones that have been captured for the Trade Tower bombing are only pawns used during the Siege of the City which is over with as of 1994. There will be no more small time attacks against New York. Now it will be the real thing [This was fulfilled in the 9-11 attack, and the nuking of New York to follow!]. The sanctions imposed on Iraq comes up for review every two months. The next time they are scheduled to be reviewed is in mid March. The nuclear destruction of New York will happen some time after that.


[1] In fulfillment of these prophecies Saddam Husein was executed 2300 days after 9-11-2000 on December 29, 2006 before the nuking of New York just as we predicted.

[2] The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus translated by Henry C. Roberts.

[3] Pierre Salinger, Secret Dossier, The Hidden Agenda Behind the Gulf War, p. 52

[4] Eric Rouleau, America's Unyielding Policy Toward Iraq cf. “Foreign Affairs” January/ February 1995

[5] U.S. Special Forces in Chechnya Join Russian Comrades in Siege of Grozny cf. “The Spotlight” Vol. XXI, No. 6, February 6, 1995.

[6] See “The Spotlight”.

[7] Leon Barkho (Reuter) BAGHDAD, Nov. 27, 1994

[8] In 1995, when this press release was written, this scenario was the furthest thing from people's minds. But now with groups like al-Qaeda, this nuclear threat against mainland U.S. is taken very seriously and seen as very realistic.

[9] See Revelation 13 and Daniel 7. The Beast has a bear's feet which represents Russia; eagle's wings is the U.S.; lion's mouth is England; leopard's body is France—these are the Big Four Christian nuclear Super Powers that run the UN as the prophesied Beast (the animal parts being symbols for the different nations) making the UN building the seat of the Beast.

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