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January 1, 1998



That's right! There's no gettin' around the FACT that the 'Missoulian' printed the very words of the Establisher of the Baha'i Faith, Dr. Leland Jensen, and what he predicted to occur on the date he gave for 1980 that would escalate into the U.S. using nuclear weapons against Iraq! President Clinton's NEW modified directive for first-strike winnable nuclear war against IRAQ, just signed into law this last November of 1997 - Presidential Decision Directive 60, is the go-ahead for WWIII. This is the modified Presidential Directive 59 (promulgated July 25, 1980) that went into effect after the Russians launched a nuclear spy satellite on April 29, 1980 at 5:55 PM. This launch was considered by the U.S. to be an act of war which Dr. Jensen accurately predicted. This provocative act predicted by Jensen over a decade ago, has escalated into the current nuclear "licence to kill" for WWIII! The FACT that the 'Missoulian' newspaper of Missoula, Montana printed on their front page these very words from the Associated Press April 30, 1980:

"Based on his interpretations of the Bible and on measurements of the Great Pyramid of Kuhfu in Giza, Egypt, Jensen said, 'EITHER A PROVOCATIVE ACT THAT WILL ESCALATE INTO WORLD WAR III, or World War III itself,' was to occur at 5:55 p.m. MDT Tuesday." (Missoulian, Vol. 107 No. 311 April 30, 1980)

THIS DATE WAS FULFILLED!! On the very day that Dr. Leland Jensen gave for a provocative act, April 29th 1980, the Soviets launched a nuclear powered U-23 spy satellite (Cosmos mission 1,176), the type of satellite that was a sophisticated surveillance satellite designed to track deep-running American nuclear submarines.

"Washington- Soviet Union last week launched a radar ocean surveillance spacecraft of a type normally powered by a nuclear fission reactor. The spacecraft, LAUNCHED APR. 29..." Aviation Week & Space Technology, May 5, 1980

At the launching of this satellite and its completion of one revolution around the earth, the entire American nuclear submarine force was located and targeted. The ability for America's nuclear submarine force to secretly navigate the oceans without being detected by the Russians was now gone and every submarine was in the Soviet crosshairs and the last buttress of the nuclear deterrence "MAD" (Mutually Assured Destruction) was pulled away. The last time the Soviets launched a similar spacecraft in September of 1977, it crashed in northern Canada in 1978 and the U.S. said that if the Soviets were to launch another of the same type, it would be an act of war! Dr. Jensen got it right! But the media failed to understand why the world hadn't come to an end! That's because Dr. Jensen never said the world would come to an end, he said A PROVOCATIVE ACT THAT WILL ESCALATE INTO WORLD WAR III would occur.

It was right after this act by the Soviet Union that the U.S. had to immediately formulate an alternative plan to nuclear war, and this was a plan to make nuclear war 'winnable'. That nuclear war was no longer to be thought of as a 'deterrence' but as an inevitability. That nuclear war was now to be planned to be fought and the President of the United States, Jimmy Carter signed into law on THIS VERY SAME DAY, April 29, 1980 Presidential Directive 59 that gave the U.S. a "first-strike initiative". The President has only to be warned of the possibility of a nuclear or conventional weapons threat against the U.S. and through this directive the President can order a pre-preemptive first-strike against any suspected aggressor. Now this Directive has been amended by Clinton to include not only actual threats but "perceived threats" of Chemical or Biological attacks from "rouge" nations like Iran or IRAQ.

"A new 'Presidential Decision Directive" provides the most detailed assessment to date by the White House of the ways nuclear weapons and the threat of nuclear attack could be used to prevent 'rogue states' such as Iran or Iraq from unleashing chemical or biological arms."

'We're all more attuned to the threat of chemical and biological weapons,' Robert Bell, a senior member of Clinton's National Security Council staff, said Sunday in response to reporters' questions. 'The directive requires a wide range of nuclear retaliatory options, from a limited strike to a more general nuclear exchange,' Bell said, and it makes clear that those options include a nuclear strike in response to a chemical or biological attack." (Associated Press 12/08/97)

But not just in response, but upon an interpreted threat! As the report says: "nuclear weapons...could be used to PREVENT..Iraq..from unleashing chemical or biological weapons." That is, the United States Government can interpret what they say to be the threat of a chemical or biological attack from another nation, (such as Iraq) and through the wording of this Directive the President not only has the "option" to use a preemptive first-strike with nuclear weapons, but is bound to do so.

With this catastrophic scenario being set up in our world, we are headed for another global confrontation. A confrontation that is bound up at the "great river Euphrates" :

'"Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates." So the four angels were released, who had been held ready for the hour, the day, the month, and the year, to kill a third of mankind.' (Revelations 9:14-15)

The river Euphrates runs right through the middle of Iraq! And President Clinton, through this Presidential Directive, is going to justify the use of nuclear weapons in this next strike against Iraq, [which was fulfilled on March 21, 2003 by his successor Bush, Jr. with underground borrowing nuclear bunker-busters] killing Saddam Hussein [who was captured and executed on Dec. 29, 2006 as a result] and releasing these four winds of destruction that have been bound at the great river Euphrates.

The Baha'is Under the Provisions of the Covenant have been telling the world of this coming destruction for decades and as we get closer and closer to this war, the reality of what we have been saying will become clearer and clearer like a ship going through the fog getting closer and closer to the ice burg that it is eventually going to hit and sink to the bottom of the sea even though its billed as the "ship even God can't sink".

Dr. Leland Jensen was 100% accurate in his prediction and now that "provocative act" that shifted our entire nuclear policy has been amended to justify the nuclear holocaust about to be unleashed in the gulf.

The reason Dr. Leland Jensen was accurate in his predictions was because he fulfills the accurate biblical prophecies for the Return of Jesus who is expected to appear in the "Last Days" and establish his Father's (Baha'u'llah's) Kingdom; the Kingdom of God on Earth and warn the people of the earth of this oncoming catastrophe. There's just no gettin' around the FACT that Dr. Leland Jensen is that Promised One of God sent to warn the people and gather the elect from the four winds of destruction that are about to be released from the great river Euphrates. But because Dr. Jensen's message was distorted and made to sound like he was predicting the 'end of the world' in 1980, he was ridiculed and marginalized and his warnings went unheeded. Now this "provocative act" that Dr. Jensen accurately predicted has now fomented and escalated into what all the people of the world will finally see; the full realization of Dr. Leland Jensen's prediction as this situation escalates into the thermo-nuclear destruction of New York City as a retaliation for the death of Saddam Hussein and the death of one third of mankind in one hour of full scale thermo-nuclear war. There's no gettin' around it

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