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February 5, 2009

This Time of Passage

Dear All,

Current events are the driving force compelling humanity toward fulfilling its spiritual destiny! Through this dynamic process those fitted for the experiment graduate from one level to the next, while those unfit for the test fall to the wayside. The purpose of these increasing intensities in world affairs is to ultimately uplift all the people of the world into a mature state of mind, through real education, and so free all the people from suffering and injustice of any kind whatsoever. The so-called powers that be are powerless to implement this real change, but through the misfortune of calamity and war, finally the solution of God comes into the minds, hearts and lives of the people – including the leadership – and this is when the divine and everlasting Kingdom is promulgated to all, for all from the Source of the Divine Being Who has become all in all for everyone.

Two thousand years ago at the time of Jesus the world faced a similar crisis as it does today, but without the destructive power of thermonuclear weapons, biological and chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. Scholars of the time document about 300 charlatans and false leaders that claimed to be the messiah in the day in which Jesus walked amongst them unrecognized and even of ill repute. The Bible tells us people referred to Jesus as Beelzebub – the devil and satan – and his own family thought him possessed of a demon (Mark 3:21-23). 400 years later this New Religion promulgated by Jesus was the state religion of sovereign empires such as Rome – and all this due to the compelling force of world events. But by then the people alive while Jesus walked the earth were long dead and buried, flesh rotted off their corpses and bones broken to dust. The reason for this is lack of proper education coupled with dirty hearts, as it says in scriptures, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” and Jesus said “the heart of man is evil”.

Today is no exception to this pattern, and Baha’u’llah, the Prince of Peace, seated upon the prophesied throne of King David remains unrecognized by the majority – some even fooled by charlatans, frauds, and mountebanks seeking personal aggrandizement and empowerment for their own selves and therefore advance spurious claims on many sides. Here at the Baha’i Center we receive no less than several e-mails almost every week from one type of wannabe or another advancing this claim or that, all in opposition to the precepts of the Bible, the explicit text of the Covenant of God, against the provisions of the Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, and in a majority of cases against common plain decency as well. Thus God sends a strong cord of salvation to the pure of heart through a criteria that man can recognize through the use of his intellect to separate himself from all the misinformation, disinformation and down right lies. Not until all people are elevated to using the intellect that God gave them and the independent investigation of the truth that Baha’u’llah gave them will the bulk of humanity become raptured free from this web of disaster and falsehood as it is written: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. Thus, when so misled, we make wrong choices and pay the high stakes and bad consequences of the bad choices in our lives – if and only if we reject the guidance from God – a guidance for today and for tomorrow.

In this light, Jesus gives a Criteria by which the people could recognize the True One, and this criteria is the fulfillment of prophecy. Not just any prophecy, but a calling card, so to speak, of the prophesied name, prophesied date, prophesied address and prophesied mission. Even as Jesus fulfills this criteria so does Baha’u’llah in this day today. Thus we can recognize the Manifestation of God for our day, who then ascends back into the supernal world leaving a strong covenant behind in which the people are then free to violate and reject and so lay the foundation for their eternal abode one way or another.

Now unlike Jesus, whose command was verbal, Baha’u’llah in His own Pen has made a strong covenant appointing the line of successorship to be the identifying mark and sign of the truth in every day and generation from 1892 forward. Those alive in the world that claim the throne of David that are outside of this appointed line from Baha’u’llah, ‘Abdu’l-Baha, Mason, Pepe and the current successor to Pepe, are outside of the Kingdom – and this is a simple favor to the pure of heart to avoid the false, the mischief-maker, and the divisive. Thus to those who have morbidly fixated, the point of unity of the Davidic Kingship of Baha’u’llah became a point of contention for them and them alone who then suffer the personal and immediate consequences of far removal from the Source of love and light in both this world and the next.

As world events escalate and the people “cry peace, peace, but there shall be no peace, and sudden destruction shall come upon them like a women in travail” the Bible tells us – for the true believer and pure of heart, this time of PASSAGE will be like going through warm milk, but for the fickle, the unfaithful, the unbelieving, the non spiritual it will be like a time of passing through molten metal. Therefore as this event occurs we will know the faithful from the unfaithful the loyal from the hypocrite, the educated from the fool, by the very expression upon their faces, Muhammad tells us in the Koran.

After this Time of Passage – now that the first 7 years of the Millennium marked by “oppression” have passed – we will not rebuild the current system, and will not save the current economic mess, but the divine economy will be established and the new system – the Kingdom – founded upon justice and the Economy of Real Education shall be established with the “school” being the central point of unity in every community throughout the world local, national and universal. To wit: consider these writings upon the subject of real education:

Awakened to Higher Realms of Thought and Perception

All the marvelous developments and miracles of what we call civilization would have remained hidden, unknown and, so to speak, nonexistent, if man had remained in his natural condition, deprived of the bounties, blessings and benefits of education and mental culture.  The intrinsic difference between the ignorant man and the astute philosopher is that the former has not been lifted out of his natural condition, while the latter has undergone systematic training and education in schools and colleges until his mind has awakened and unfolded to higher realms of thought and perception; otherwise, both are human and natural.   (`Abdu'l-Baha, Promulgation of Universal Peace, pp. 309-310)

The Inability of Modern Education to Produce a Mature Mind

People today indeed do tend to be very superficial in their thinking, and it would seem as if the educational systems in use are sorely lacking in ability to produce a mature mind in a person who has reached supposedly adult life!  All the outside influences that surround the individual seem to have an intensely distracting effect, and it is a hard job to get the average person to do any deep thinking or even a little meditation on the problems facing him and the world at large.

Over and over again Baha'u'llah cried out against the heedlessness of humanity, and warns of the fate such an attitude must lead to.  Did we not know what God plans to, and will do, with the world in the future, we should certainly be as hopeless as many of the best thinkers of our generation have become. (Shoghi Effendi, September 22, 1948, Directives of the Guardian, p. 21)

The Shadow of the True Educator

Man is said to be the greatest representative of God, and he is the Book of Creation because all the mysteries of beings exist in him.  If he comes under the shadow of the True Educator and is rightly trained, he becomes the essence of essences, the light of lights, the spirit of spirits; he becomes the centre of the divine appearances, the source of spiritual qualities, the rising-place of heavenly lights, and the receptacle of divine inspirations.  If he is deprived of this education he becomes the manifestation of satanic qualities, the sum of animal vices, and the source of all dark conditions." (Abdu'l-Baha, Baha’i World Faith, p. 332)

Now the reality of the kingdom is UNDERSTANDING – those outside this Understanding will not understand the real problems issues and solutions of today, but the wise – those that use their God given intellect – they shall understand (Dan. 12).

On behalf of the Council of the UHJ,

Guardian /president.

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