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September 23, 2008


Dear All,

Periodically we have many requests from Persian Speakers who wish to be put in touch with other Friends Firm in the Covenant who also speak and are able to e-mail in Persian and who accept the current Aghsan-Guardian as living president of the true UHJ. In order to facilitate this service to a large portion of the friends the Council respectfully requests a Volunteer that speaks both English and Persian to be the facilitator and point person for this group of people who are in need.

Furthermore threats of attacks against Iran are increasing people of Persian background will be in greater and greater need of support and being able to facilitate that support in their language of origin is an important step.

In the last missive we sent out Benny Morris announcement of the attack during the tentative lame duck period of Pres. Bush, now the pundits argue about a suspected al-Qaeda "October Surprise" attack on the US; and the following link from Mosiac Online TV – which should be watched by all immediately asap – updates the report on Benny Morris (July 21, 2008 New York Times article – see last missive) that in fact Israel may attack Iran sooner than Morris announced also in an "October Surprise".

At any rate as world events fulfill and conform to the prophecies of God, it is an important matter at this time to have a Persian Language Facilitator for our on line teaching effort. Volunteers may e-mail their application and credentials to

In service to the Cause,
Neal Chase ben Joseph Aghsan,
Guardian/President IBC/UHJ.

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