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September 11, 2007

A tree that hath a root shall bear fruit

"A tree that hath a root shall bear fruit, while the tree that hath none, no matter how high and hardy it may be, will eventually wither, perish and become but a log fit for the fire." -'Abdu'l-Baha

Dear Friends,

This month marks the sixth year anniversary of the second woe against the City of the Covenant, the third woe yet to come; and along with it the fleshing out of the Official Website of the Council We therefore invite everyone to view the site with more thorough documents and education geared toward understand the Everlasting Covenant of God; Our Inheritance in the Kingdom, the Root of the Covenant Itself in both the Old and New Testaments; Jesus' Role as The Herald of the Kingdom, more detailed understanding of the roles of the Bab and Baha'u'llah, the Twin Manifestations of God for this Day; as well as the folly of the Breach of Violation of the Covenant and Testament all of which brings the exposure of the real impotency of attempts to derail the onward progress of the Cause by the material harassment of the successors and loyal workers within the fold and forefront of the teaching effort; attacks which though include being against the person of the guardian himself, nevertheless sustain him and his position within the international community of the covenant as being an equal and loyal active worker in the vineyard, on the same level and par as all the rank and file believers throughout the entire world. Baha'u'llah has therefore revealed: "In every face ye shall behold the face of God".

In this light, today, we can see – we, that is, who are wise with our eyes open as the brightness of the noon-day sun - the Tree of the Covenant: the Kitab-i-Ahd and sacred Will and Testament of `Abdu'l-Baha which is rooted in the Everlasting Covenant of God given in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible for the coming of God's Kingdom (Davidic) to earth as it is in heaven.

The question has been raised in light of recent events as to how the seemingly large and insurmountable mass of violators of Ruhiyyih Khanum and those who followed her can now be crumbling and collapsing from both without and within throughout all the world. How can such a megalopolian Goliath as that be toppled and felled by the most seemingly powerless and outwardly insignificant of individuals. The answer is given in the words of `Abdu'l-Baha himself – "they have no root!" and "tree that hath none, no matter how high and hardy it may be, will eventually wither, perish and become but a log fit for the fire." In this same Tablet `Abdul-Baha declares the Root of the Covenant today to be in the Old and New Testament Covenant as continued in the past, whereas Judaism in the root and Christianity is the branch, the Baha'i faith and its covenant are the leaf, fruit and flower of that same Ancient Tree of Life spoken of throughout the Bible and all the scriptures from God. Those who have deprived themselves from being knowledgeable in the Root of this Covenant from the Bible, have dome so in opposition to the requisite education prescribed by the Pen of Baha'u'llah Himself:

"In His day Christ was called Satan, Beelzebub, but hear the bells now ringing for Him! He was the Word of God and not Satan. They mocked Him, led Him through the city upon a donkey, crowned Him with thorns, spat upon His blessed face and crucified Him, but He is now with God and in God because He was the Word and not Satan. Fifty years ago no one would touch the Christian Bible in Persia. Baha'u'llah came and asked, "Why?" They said, "It is not the Word of God." He said, "You must read it with understanding of its meanings, not as those who merely recite its words." Now Baha'is all over the East read the Bible and understand its spiritual teaching. Baha'u'llah spread the Cause of Christ and opened the book of the Christians and Jews. He removed the barriers of names. He proved that all the divine Prophets taught the same reality and that to deny One is to deny the Others, for all are in perfect oneness with God."(cf. `Abdu'l-Baha, Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 212)

"Muhammad replied, "I declare unto you that they occupy the lowest stratum of hell because they did not believe in Moses and Christ and because they did not accept the Bible; and although they are my own ancestors, yet they are in despair in hell." This is an explicit text of the Qur'an; it is not a story or tradition but from the Qur'an itself, which is in the hands of the people."(cf. `Abdu'l- Baha, Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 201)

As this Knowledge of the Everlasting Covenant - passed down through Adam to Abraham to the sons of Jacob/Israel: Judah and Joseph, and from them through to King David now continued in the Covenant of Baha'u'llah and `Abdu'l-Baha today - is promulgated and made known; and as all the people are becoming wise to the violation of the "Hands" – nothing can stop the onward progress of the Cause.

In this vein, Baha'u'llah refers to Himself in the Book of the Covenant (Kitab-i-Ahd) as that "Ancient Root" and `Abdu'l-Baha as that "Most Great Branch" in reference to Isaiah chapter 11, which `Abdu'l-Baha has explained in "Some Answered Questions" refers to the Root of Jesse, the father of King David and that Branch of David seated upon David's throne. `Abdu'l-Baha further states in that same place that this refers to and is fulfilled by Baha'u'llah and no one else. Thus Ruhiyyih Khanum and those that followed her and the other violating "hands" separated themselves from that Root and Branch of David when they set up a headless so-called "UHJ" without the living Davidic King as its president. So separated from the Everlasting Covenant of both the Old and New Testaments continued in the presidency of Baha'u'llah's true House of Justice today, all is falling apart; infighting, sectarian divisions, speculation, theologies of personal egoism, preparing that large yet fruitless and barren tree for the fire. `Abdu'l-Baha relates:

"Today, every wise, vigilant and foresighted person is awakened, and to him are unveiled the mysteries of the future which show that nothing save the power of the Covenant is able to stir and move the heart of humanity, just as the New and Old Testaments propounded throughout all regions the Cause of Christ and were the pulsating power in the body of the human world. A tree that hath a root shall bear fruit, while the tree that hath none, no matter how high and hardy it may be, will eventually wither, perish and become but a log fit for the fire.

"The Covenant of God is like unto a vast and fathomless ocean. A billow shall rise and surge therefrom and shall cast ashore all accumulated foam.

"Praise be to God that the highest wish entertained by heedful souls is the exaltation of the Word of God and the propagation of divine fragrances. This is, verily, the secure and firm foundation.

"Now, like unto the morn, the light of the Sun of Truth hath been shed abroad. Effort must be made that slumbering souls may be awakened, the heedless become vigilant, and that the divine teachings, which constitute the spirit of this age, may reach the ears of the people of the world, may be propagated in the press and set forth with brilliance and eloquence in the assemblages of men.

"One's conduct must be like the conduct of Paul, and one's faith similar to that of Peter. This musk-scented breeze shall perfume the nostrils of the people of the world, and this spirit shall resuscitate the dead.

"The offensive odour of violation hath temporarily arrested the onward movement of the Cause, for otherwise the divine teachings, like unto the rays of the sun, would immediately spread and permeate all regions.

"Thou intendest to print and publish the addresses of Abdu'l-Baha which thou hast compiled. This is indeed very advisable. This service shall cause thee to acquire an effulgent face in the Abha Kingdom, and shall make thee the object of the praise and gratitude of the friends in the East as well as in the West. But it is to be undertaken with the utmost care, so that the exact text may be reproduced and will exclude all deviations and corruptions committed by former translators." (`Abdu'l-Baha:, Selections #189, pp. 223-224)

The way out – the only way out - is the Supernatural Power of God.

"All the powers and attributes of man are human and hereditary in origin - outcomes of nature's processes - except the INTELLECT, which is SUPERNATURAL. Through intellectual and intelligent inquiry science is the discoverer of all things. It unites present and past, reveals the history of bygone nations and events, and confers upon man today the essence of all human knowledge and attainment throughout the ages. By intellectual processes and logical deductions of reason this superpower in man can penetrate the mysteries of the future and anticipate its happenings…. All blessings are divine in origin, but none can be compared with this power of intellectual investigation and research, which is an eternal gift producing fruits of unending delight. Man is ever partaking of these fruits. All other blessings are temporary; this is an everlasting possession. Even sovereignty has its limitations and overthrow; this is a kingship and dominion which none may usurp or destroy. Briefly, it is an eternal blessing and divine bestowal, the supreme gift of God to man. Abdu'l-Baha, Promulgation of Universal Peace, pp. 49, 50)

This Supernatural Power is the God-given Intellect by which we can see the truth from error and know for a certain FACT – with our own eyes and not those of our neighbor – that God has not violated His Covenant, that the Davidic Kingship as the presidency of the Council of the UHJ and the guardianship of the Cause of God continues onward unbroken and for ever. Those who have imitated others such as Ruhiyyih Khanum and the "Hands" are in error and manifest loss (W&T, p. 26). The Bankruptcy of a corrupt and lost clergy usurping seats of authority within society of Jews, Christians and Muslims alike, has demonstrated the same error into war, folly and ignorance of the precepts enshrined within the Jewish Tanak, Christian Bible and Koran itself, in which all Muslims were called to "submit" to the Covenant God gave to Abraham, which continued through the throne- line of Davidic Kings as heralded by Jesus Christ on his first coming. Lip service to creeds, peculiar cults, persons and blind leaders must cease, if we are to actualize that supernatural power of the soul, the intellect - power of abstract thought - to recognize God and His promised Ones for this day and generation in which we live – The Everlasting Father seated upon David's throne, Baha'u'llah, and His duly appointed successor and successors to the helm of that very same Cause according to the explicit texts of the Book, the sacred provisions of the Will and Testament of `Abdu'l- Baha.

Had the world today heeded our dire warnings in 1980, and again in 1990 the world of humanity would not be in the desperate state of affairs in which it now finds itself today inexorably enmeshed and hopelessly intertwined after the first two minor attacks (1993, 2001) upon New York City – the City of the Covenant – which we publicly and accurately predicted by the prophecies of God before they transpired, as well as the third attack about to come. Everyone of good faith wishes to see injustice end, repressions stop, and peace be firmly established between the East and the West. Nothing short of this last convulsion will bring this about. We look not toward the convulsion itself, but to the fact that this last and final "birth-pang" shall be the end of all wars, criminality, hatred, and repression, and that the New Born Reality of Man – a spiritual being, empowered and enlightened in service to the entire human race, as one family under one God and Creator - shall be born into this darksome world transforming it into a wondrous world of light upon light. The worlds of God are without limit and without ending – so we are united now in His Kingdom of Love, Mercy, Justice, Benevolence, and Sanctification of the Holy Spirit, and so shall we be united for ever and for ever more into the farthest reaches of spiritual and evanescent progress man can every hope to attain in the eternal and everlasting paradise of God. Life everlasting. Life eternal. Life without end, free of pain, free of suffering, eternal in everlasting joy and transcendental bliss
reunited with God, the Beloved of All the Worlds.

On behalf of the Council
Your servant,
Neal Chase ben Joseph Aghsan,

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