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January 31, 2008

“The purpose underlying Their revelation hath been to educate all men, that they may, at the hour of death, ascend, in the utmost purity and sanctity and with absolute detachment, to the throne of the Most High.”

Dear All,

The human being exists upon seven potential forms of perception or seven dimensions or degrees. Those of the mineral see only the material things devoid of spirit and are reckoned as dead by the prophets and messengers of God even as Jesus said “Let the dead bury the dead”. The second degree are those that have spiritual growth and development but are unawares or unconscious of the process. These are likened to the vegetable state which is deprived of sentience, and in the gospel of John, Jesus also reckoned those that are “asleep” as those “dead” as they are deprived of the consciousness of the spiritual life, yet like the sleeping body still grows and evolves, but is deprived of all actions and signs of life of the spirit of the mind of man. The third degree are those who are likened to the animal state which is the perception of the five senses. These see “spirituality” as one and the same with the beauty and power of nature and the natural forces. They see God in the plants, animals, sunsets, mountains, flowers, etc. When things are going well for them they see God – when things and calamities overtake them, they fall away and doubt God’s existence. They say they believe in “spirit” but only in as much as they perceive it through their five senses, and are under the control and spell of natural forces. The fourth degree are those of the human plane. This is the power of abstract thought. These perceive that God is intangible exalted beyond the material creation. They also perceive themselves as intangible though they have a body, and these understand the spirit as abstract and intangible. When tests and calamities come, these deepen in faith and more confirmed in reliance upon the One True Invisible God. These first four degrees form the firm foundation of the reality of man, as man is made of minerals, grows and reproduces like the vegetable, has the animal body of the five senses and has the power of abstract thought. These degrees of the spiritual awareness therefore conform to man’s fixation on the different and lower aspects of his very own self and his own make up. In all four of these degrees man is a prisoner of each degree including the fourth degree in which he is the prisoner of his very own self. The prison of self in any of these four degrees is in reality, in comparison with the real Life of the Kingdom of God, spiritual death – for there can be no comparison between the Life of the Kingdom and the prison of self whether the abstract limit, the limit of the senses, the limit of vegetable state or that of the materialistic persona. Therefore the prophets and educators of God have been sent into this world to liberate man for this four-fold prison of self and materialism, sleep and the enslavement of the senses and open the door and the gate for man to enter the Supernal and Everlasting Kingdom of God. For as long as the material eye remains open, the spiritual eyes shall remain shut. This transformation is a spiritual event which takes place within the very reality of man, which is the abstract reality. It cannot be seen with external eyes, but only can be perceived if and when the inner eye be opened.

The entrance in the Kingdom is the opening of the spiritual sight in which the soul of man receives the Light and Bounty of God from the source of the Kingdom. This spiritual sight is the opening of the third eye – which is the intellect of man – that only can see into the invisible world of reality, the abstract world of God and the reality of man. This is the first station of the Kingdom which is that of the angel. This occurs when the soul is able to recognize the Promised One of his day established upon the throne, and becomes trained and educated by the Spirit of God to ascend to the Supernal throne on high at the hour of death which is the departure from this world of the first four forms associated with the physical body and entrance into the Kingdom of ABHA severed from the contact of the physical body. This has been equated by the prophets of old and the books of Solomon, Pythagoras and the Hermetica as the entrance and migration into the quintessential which is the fifth element, symbolical of the Shikena, the bread of the Divine Presence and the bounty of the Holy Spirit.

The second degree of the Kingdom is that of Cherub. This is the power and ability to perceive the light as of the angel as well as impart this light and open the eyes of the blind so that others are able to see the Light and recognize the Promised One of the Day. This is the power of understanding and wisdom. It confers upon the soul the ability to perform all miracles, healings and perceptions. It surrounds the first four degrees of this world as well as the first degree of the Kingdom itself. It is an unseen reality that none but those who share in the same degree can comprehend. The third degree is that of the seraphim – the flaming or fiery winged serpent – and this is the power of flight which is able to teach and heal and open the eyes of the people in every condition and clime every part of the universe and in every station of this world and the next. It represents the spiritual intellect of man symbolized by the divine serpent ablaze with the fire of the love of God united with the knowledge of God, soaring in the heaven of the Will of God upon wings of glory. It surrounds and comprehends all the former degrees of creation and the first two of the Kingdom and forms the seventh and exalted degree of the station of man, the highest degree attainable while the soul is still connected via its silver cord to this world of material being and opposites. It comprehends and understands all mysteries and is the loyal and obedient servant of the Master of all Reality. It is an incarnation and embodiment of the Divine Mind itself. It is incomprehensible to all but those who share its station. It is absolutely loyal to the throne of the Kingdom both in this world established upon the earth and on high in the next – for without this check-post it is subject to great peril and hardship, and can easily fall from its state of grace to one of the most abject misery and disgrace. Thus it is these who can in the precarious sate, fall from the heaven of flight to earth of material being, that in the past and even today, as violators of the everlasting covenant took on the form of the twisted serpent, the twisted intellect turned away from God and back to the material world, like Samael, Nimrod, Azazel, the grigory, the nephalim, Azal, Khanum and those of the fallen that have mislead the majority of the people and enshrouded the world in great darkness, having once known the very truth and then poisoned and debarred others from it. Thus they became the incarnations of the demons of men misleading the world upon the seven kelipoth empty shells of corruption and warfare and disgrace – for this world of opposites these have turned the cup of life of the covenant into a cup of poisonous death and the seven degrees of bounty into the seven shattered fragments of a warlike and polarized society of the human race caught in the snare of divisiveness and conflict and strife. On this plane the soul is tested every moment and at every moment turns to the assistance and grace of God – knowing the great glory of its station and the precarious nature of its predicament – this soul in this condition is continually active in the teaching effort, severed from all save God and remains exalted and detached above all the things of this world. The symbol of this station is that of the lowly servant of all humanity. Its exemplar is ‘Abdu’l-Baha. It is the ability to transform the knowledge of God into every language and to travel to every place and raise up the dead. Thus the reality of man is founded upon four foundations and potentially revealed in the Kingdom in three degrees (three heavens) this provides for the seven (4 + 3 = 7) dimensions of the reality of man.

In the microcosm below man, this is mirrored and seen as the seven quantum shells or 7 quantum orbits of the electron around the nucleus of the atom; as in the macrocosm in the solar system the ancients also perceived seven spheres of the planets above the existence of man. At the quantum level, those of the higher or outer sphere from the nucleus always have more energy and those of the lower sphere closer to the nucleus have less energy. This energy must come from an external higher source such as the Sun – a symbol of the appearance of the Divine Manifestation of God – the Sun of Reality – to then elevate the electron to the next level or sphere of the seven possible spheres through the absorption of energy. Thus a natural analogy of the 7 planets, 7 metals and 7 elemental quantum spheres is founded in the plan of God in nature. Those bounded by a lower condition cannot perceive or conceive of the existence of the higher realm. Thus, as it says in Hebrews, do the angels walk amongst us unawares – let alone the cherubim and seraphim of His Divine throne of whom like beings of another world another higher dimension of Light remain hidden amongst the people of the lower degrees such as that of the mineral, which can only perceive the clothes they wear, the color of their eyes, the cars they drive, and the way in which they part their hair in which the others strongly disagree. 

“The Prophets and Messengers of God have been sent down for the sole purpose of guiding mankind to the straight Path of Truth.  The purpose underlying Their revelation hath been to educate all men, that they may, at the hour of death, ascend, in the utmost purity and sanctity and with absolute detachment, to the throne of the Most High.” Baha’u’llah, Gleanings, pp. 156-157.

In this path of training to ascend to the throne in the next world, we are guided to the living throne of King David established in this world and the one seated upon it that is in the position and function of the guardian of this Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. In this path each day and age has a definitive struggle that that generation must overcome. In the past one of these struggles was slavery – chattel slavery – which was the ownership of one human being by another. This was abolished. The right of women to vote was another issue. Later civil rights was another issue. Today the central issue to be dealt with is the abolition of economic slavery. This must begin with the educational system. At the present time we live in a system of a war based economy. We must move away from a war based economy to an educational based economy, a human based economy, one that focuses not upon material resources but human resources and human potential, not human destruction and human poverty. We musty forge our society in the image of our own making and “study war no more”. This shift is a change of consciousness in which the first foundation is that children must be educated out of the mentality of being economic slaves. Instead the entrepreneurial spirit – the artistic and creative spirit must be fostered and developed. Children need to be raised up not ready to enter the “work force” of the war machine and assembly line of the war based economy, but must graduate free to start new business ventures and artistic and scientific ventures and create new jobs and opportunities that are beyond mere material growth and free of the mindset of war. The Divine Economy – in which every day is payday and no work on payday – must be established and be implemented. Farms need to be established that are self sustaining and not dependant upon the grids of the city, town and the village. A different and more efficient source of energy and infrastructure must be established and implemented. Those that have the answers are the children of the future. The key is education. Those who work NOW toward this freedom of the human spirit from the war based economy to the Divine Economy which is information and educationally based, that is, a human based economy, will receive the great rewards of both this world and the next. This great social reform and movement is the obligation, burden, freedom and struggle of the next generations and this one as we survive this global war and calamity which is upon us now.

On another note, this war must cease, as the people need to stop killing their own children which are the treasure trove of the next generation. The more they kill off this gift from God – the children of the succeeding generation – the more it is impossible for this world to become better, as the children that are born have the promise of God written within their souls to solve the problems of the future generations. This autophage of the society of man must cease – for unless it does not, progress will never be made. The war based economy demands both unemployment as well as the death of the children to fight the wars. Thus society cannot progress beyond its current state as the war based economy of man is eating its own young – and those young that are killed are the Einsteins, Socrates, Hellen Kellers and Florence Nightingales of the future.

This is the New Years message from the Guardian, 2008.

Neal Chase,
Great grandson of ‘Abdu’l-Baha,
President of the UHJ.

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