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June 15, 2007

That Invisible Power is the Cause
of all these Outward Activities

Dear Friends,

All mounting attacks against the immanent forces of light are thwarted by the unseen power and mysterious force that governs the reality of this Cause. Consider these words of `Abdu'l-Baha:

"There is a power in this Cause, a Mysterious Power, far, far, far away from the ken of men and angels; that Invisible Power is the Cause of all these outward activities. It moves the hearts. It rends the mountains. It administers the complicated affairs of the Cause. It inspires the friends. It dashes into a thousand pieces all the forces of opposition. It creates new spiritual worlds. This is a Mystery of the Kingdom of Abha." (`Abdu'l-Baha.)

Now as the active individuals teaching on the front lines of this spiritual education are feeling the brunt of opposition, the Covenant-breakers are clamoring to shut down our publications and websites, the forces of opposition are gaining momentum and focus, and the armies of light press ever onward, shining knowledge light and love, like the guiding stars of heaven for ever and ever (Dan. 12) - we cannot help but Interpret all these signs as the harbinger of great doom (W&T, p. 24) promised to the centers of sedition and the threshold of victory for the projection of this Cause to all the people of the world.

Never before in the history of this Cause since the days of the attacks mounted against the Bab, Baha'u'llah and `Abdu'l-Baha during the heroic epoch of the history of this faith, has the heated opposition sought to extinguish this light in such a virulent and expressive manner of hate and malice. Would that they held the reigns of power of material rulership in the West, our blood would run red in the streets and towns where we have raised up this call of the people to turn unto God, the Lord of this world and the next! Stayed by the hand of justice, they can do naught but attempt to bankrupt us financially as both individuals and institutions, smear our motives and misrepresent our aims, and trademark Our "words" in an attempt to silence us from speaking the very word of God.

In the middle ages we, the free people of God, were thus denounced as witchcraft and sorcery and magicians, burned at the stake and drowned for pursuing the mysteries of science, creation and the spirit for the purpose of freeing and uplifting the human being even as Christ was lifted up upon the cross. In Persia and the Ottoman Empire they too accused us of "palpable sorcery" (Iqan, p. 219) and denounced this Cause as that of the devil and the demon, even as the Master, Christ, was accused by those of his day being Beelzebub, the devil and satan (Matt. 10:25) .

Only those who are pure of heart that use their third eye of the intellect can see the mysterious truth of this Cause and with the Key of David unlock the Gate of God so that the Ancient Beauty of the Light of His Presence may shine from that world into this darksome one and transform this world of devils into angelic hosts which no power on either earth nor heaven can trammel under foot.

The mysterious power resides within the heart, mind and soul of man, as Baha'u'llah has revealed: "Man is the greatest Talisman" and God has sent the Nine to unlock this secret and unleash it precious spiritual gift upon the world.

This is why the Will and Testament gives us the criteria of True Successorship: the throne-line of King David - for the usurpers seek to rule and thus cut off man from this mysterious power by impeding themselves between the people and the source, and confusing the intellect with "theologies" – excuses why they are not in line with the provisions of the Will – that cause man to be deprived of the confirmations that descend – in the material level wars and suffering thus ensue.

This power only flows from the Source to the people when the people are in the state and condition of recognition of the appointment of the true successorship to the Davidic Throne for that successorship is the "sign of God" (W&T, p. 11) which points away from itself to the direction of God. In this way, that Mysterious Force Itself governs the Kingdom as it is governed in reality by the Will of God alone. Those adherents to this Cause thus have the right to form council and that council that is formed of the believers in the light, the willing vessels of the this living knowledge possessed by His Soul and none other force, are set forth to determine the reality of things by observing things within reality itself and then so make the determination. Those who cannot place aside there will for that of the Divine Will, Baha'u'llah tells us, are as the deaf and dumb amongst the people though outwardly they may seem to be moving and speaking.

No one can stop the onward movement of this Cause. The Covenant- breakers – those outside the operation of His Will – are so deprived. So it is and ever shall be.

On Behalf of the Council,

Neal Chase ben Joseph Aghsan,

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